Welcome in Bulgarian Sociological Association

The first Bulgarian Scientific Sociological Association was founded in 1931

(Bulgarian) БСА

The Bulgarian Sociological Association is a professional non-profit organization, whose members carry out theoretical and empirical research, teaching and publishing activities in the field of sociology in Bulgaria.


Its members are scholars, experts working in the public and private sphere, doctoral students and graduate students working professionally or having professional interests in the field of sociology and social problems.


BSA organizes congresses, conferences, and seminars and publishes jointly with the Institute for the study of societies and knowledge at BAS the journal Sociological Problems.

“The first wisdom of sociology is this — things are not what they seem.”

Invitation to Sociology (1963) by Peter L. Berger


Publications related to more important events of BSA

New perspectives and interventions: The state of play in cultural sociology and sociology of the arts

RN07 & RN02 Symposium in collaboration with Department of Sociology and Department of Cultural Studies at Sofia University “St. Kliment Oh

Programme of BSA Annual Conference 2022

BSA Annual Conference '2022 Mobility, migration, mobilisation 25 November 2022 г. Conference Hall 2, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"