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(Bulgarian) In memoriam

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Statement of the Bulgarian Sociological Association

supporting the democratic values and procedures, citizens’ rights to protest in their defense and for more justice in Bulgarian society.

We condemn police violence and the boundless and uncontrolled prosecutorial power. The rule of law and the lack of double standards are an integral part of the social contract in democratic, European societies. We insist they are strictly observed!

We strongly support the position of the Sociological Scientific Society of Serbia related to the protests in their country and against the arrest of a fellow sociologist and his conviction under a 24-hour fast track trial procedure. We support the insistence of our fellow sociologists that the fast track trial proceedings be abolished as inconsistent with the democratic norms and standards for a fair trial that respects the rights of citizens.

Prof. Rumiana Stoilova

Chair of Members of the board of BSA

(Bulgarian) Съобщение

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