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New volume of the Romanian magazine Psihologia Sociala

The new volume of the Romanian magazine Psihologia Sociala, dedicated to the social sciences and humanities in Bulgaria (2020, issue 46/II), led by Svetla Koleva and Mihai Dinu Georgiou, has come out of print.

Call for Papers “Trust and “Well-being in the Balkans”

Dear all,
We are delighted to announce that the Bulgarian Sociological Association in collaboration with the national sociological associations of Romania, Serbia and Northern Macedonia, and with the support of the International Sociological Association, is hosting a regional conference on the topic of “Trust and Well-Being in the Balkans”. It will take place in Sofia between 30th of September and the 1st of October 2021.
The deadline for abstracts is the 31st of March.
For more information, please check the attached invitation.
Kind regards,
The Executive Board of the Bulgarian Sociological Association

Position of the Bulgarian Sociological Association regarding ethnic tolerance and the prevention of stigmatization of groups of people in Bulgarian society

The Bulgarian Sociological Association (BSA) has always defended democratic values as the foundation of free and open contemporary societies. As a professional association, the BSA does not accept the stigmatization of differences, including differences based on ethnicity. Sociological knowledge provides enough arguments in support of building up an inclusive and tolerant society, founded on the recognition and defence of equality indignity. As researchers and professors we do not condone any statements or practices, which maintain and intensify inequalities, in the form of underestimating the negative effects of pejorative labeling of particular ethnic groups. Throughout the years the BSA has maintained the professional community’s dedication to democratic values and this cannot be questioned. We insist on informing the public that the BSA as an institution has no reason to react to the statements of individual sociologists who are not its members. The BSA’s  position is principled and advocates sociologists’ engagement in upholding democratic values, equality in dignity, along with their contribution to  social inclusivity, tolerance and respect for differences in Bulgarian society.

Chair of BSA’s board

Prof. Rumiana Stoilova

13 November 2020

(Bulgarian) Покана за конференция

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