International conferences


Comparing Colonialism: Beyond Modern Exceptionalism
University of Basel, Switzerland
September 26–28, 2019
Applications: September 30, 2018
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Me, us, them? Subjectivity, Identity, Belonging
17th Polish Sociological Congress
Wroclaw, Poland
September 11–14, 2019
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Past, Present and Future of African-Asian Relations
University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland
April 25-27, 2019
Abstracts: September 30, 2018
Travel Grants: May 1, 2018
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Hate Speech in Asia and Europe: A Comparative Approach
Paris Diderot University, France
January 8-10, 2019
Abstracts: August 31, 2018
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Reinventing Elias
International Postgraduate Workshop
Brussels, Belgium
December 4-5, 2018
Applications: September 30, 2018
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Frontiers and Border Regions
Beja, Tunisia
November 28-30, 2018
Submissions: June 30, 2018
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Global Asia in Interdisciplinary Perspectives: Sustainability, Securit …
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
November 16-17, 2018
Abstracts: May 31, 2018
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The Balanced Perspective on Past, Present & Future
13th International Conference of Albanian Sociological Association
University of Mitrovica Isa Boletini, Kosovo
November 16-17, 2018
Abstracts: September 30, 2018
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Centre for Social Conflict and Cohesion Studies
Universidad de Chile, Chile
November 14-16, 2018
Submissions: July 11, 2018
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Overcoming Inequalities in a Fractured World: Between Elite Power and …
United Nations Research Institute for Social Development
November 8-9, 2018
Abstracts: April 20, 2018
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Second International Conference on Well-Being
Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore
November 1-2, 2018
Abstracts: May 15, 2018
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Partial Orders in Applied Sciences
12th International Workshop
Neuchâtel, Switzerland
October 26-27, 2018
Abstracts: March 31. Extended: April 21, 2018
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Work, Knowledge and Power in Contemporary Capitalism
Gdansk, Poland
October 25-26, 2018
Abstracts: May 1, 2018
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Understanding Urban Religion. Heritage, Public Space and Governance
Barcelona, Spain
October 25-27, 2018
Abstracts: June 15, 2018
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Interconnections, Social Transformation and Global Mobility: A Way Tow …
The Asia Pacific Sociological Association
Hakone, Japan
October 5-7, 2018
Abstracts: March 31, 2018
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Two Decades Discourse about Globalizing Social Sciences
September 27-29, 2018
Università degli studi di Milano, Italy
Abstracts: June 15, 2018
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Security and Equality for Sustainable Futures
2018 World Social Science Forum
International Social Science Council
Kyushu University,  Japan
September 25-28, 2018
Submissions: March 17, 2018
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The Social Transformations We Live in: Between Cohesion and Fragmentation
The 10th Slovenian Social Science Conference
co-organised by the ISA Junior Sociologists Network
Nova Gorica, Slovenia
September 20-22, 2018.
Abstracts: May 30, 2018
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Living in a Liquid Society
Romanian Sociologists Society
Timisoara, Romania
September 14-15, 2018
Abstracts: April 2, 2018
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Nations and Nationalisms: Theories, Practices and Methods
Loughborough University, United Kingdom
September 10-11, 2018
Abstracts: April 13, 2018
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The Social Impact of Epidemics: 100 Years of the Great Flu Epidemic of 1918

Oslo, Norway
September 3-5, 2018
Abstracts: March 15, 2018
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Rohingya: Politics, Ethnic Cleansing and Uncertainty
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
September 1-2, 2018
Abstracts: July 5, 2017
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14th ESA Conference
The University of Manchester
Manchester Metropolitan University
Manchester Central, the city’s own conference centre (a historic railway station)
20-23 August 2019
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Causes and Consequences of Inequalities in Europe
Sciences Po, Paris, France
29–31 October 2018
The Call for papers closed 20 March 2018.
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Wealth Inequality and Mobility
PEARL Institute for Research on Socio-Economic Inequality (IRSEI)
University of Luxembourg
6–7 December 2018
The Call for papers closes 19 August 2018.
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