In memorium of Prof. Peter-Emil Mitev

In memorium of Prof. Peter-Emil Mitev


On September 12, 2023 Prof. Peter-Emile Mitev passed away. His memory will be preserved in the countless articles and books that are to be written by future generations of sociologists. His publications are a testament to his exceptional erudition, depth and commitment to scholarly research, to teaching and to the public advocacy of sociological expertise. As President of the Bulgarian Sociological Association in 1991-1999, he guided the Association in a dynamically changing social landscape. Prof. Mitev is a leading scholar with international reputation in the field of studies of young people. His activity in the International Sociological Association is a recognition of his contribution to sociology, but also raises the prestige of Bulgarian sociology. He has been a member of the International Sociological Association (since 1974), of the Advisory Board of the ISA Research Committee 34 “Sociology of Youth” (1998-2002), of the ISA Research Coordinating Committee (1986/90), of the Bureau of IC 34 “Sociology of Youth” (1986/90; 1980/82). President of IC 34 Sociology of Youth (1982/86). He participated in the ISA World Congresses of Sociology in Varna (1970), Toronto (1974), Uppsala (1978), Mexico (1982), Delhi (1986), Madrid (1990), Bielefeld (1996), Durban (2006).

With imagination and talent, with resilience Prof. Petar-Emil Mitev championed sociology as a science in Bulgaria and far beyond the borders of the country until the last moment of his life.

A last farewell, Professor,

With the greatest respect and sorrow

Prof. Rumiana Stoilova

President of the Bulgarian Sociological Association

14 September 2023


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