Happy 24th of May!

Happy 24th of May!

Happy 24th of May – Day of Slavonic Alphabet, Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture!

The holiday that unites us, a holiday for all Bulgarians, those at home and abroad, the young and the old, and even the youngest, who are now starting to read their first fairytales!

Happy holiday to the teachers, university professors, scientists, artists and everyone, who contribute to Bulgarian culture as a part of the European wealth of values, meaning and inspiration.

Happy holiday to all fellow sociologists, for whom the profession is a vocation and who are always trying to understand and explain complex situations, and to reduce insecurity in contemporary society. Happy holiday to the colleagues, who rely on scholarly work and verifiable facts in their public engagements. That way, the verse from the song everyone in Bulgaria  knows since childhood will become a living reality:

Go! For like the sun is knowledge.

On the soul it sheds its rays.

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