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The first Bulgarian Scientific Sociological Association was founded in 1931

(Bulgarian) БСА

The Bulgarian Sociological Association is a professional non-profit organization, whose members carry out theoretical and empirical research, teaching and publishing activities in the field of sociology in Bulgaria.


Its members are scholars, experts working in the public and private sphere, doctoral students and graduate students working professionally or having professional interests in the field of sociology and social problems.


BSA organizes congresses, conferences, and seminars and publishes jointly with the Institute for the study of societies and knowledge at BAS the journal Sociological Problems.

“The first wisdom of sociology is this — things are not what they seem.”

Invitation to Sociology (1963) by Peter L. Berger


Publications related to more important events of BSA

Prof. Rumyana Stoilova, President of BAS, on Bulgarian National Radio on the topic “How sociological agencies can change attitudes to voting and how to recognize manipulations”

The Bulgarian Sociological Association works to increase the trust in the accuracy and reliability of the sociological results, as well as to inc

List of publicly available data on agencies in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Sociological Association (BSA) as a professional organization of sociologists is committed to the preparation of a list of publicly

Program of the regional conference ”Trust and Well-Being in the Balkans” (30.09.2021 – 01.10.2021)

The program of the conference "Trust and Well-Being in the Balkans" (to be held via Zoom between 30th of September and 1st of October) is now ava